June 12, 2014

Hobbs Introduces Bills to Establish Gun Violence Restraining Order

Bills let friends and family report potential violence before it occurs

LANSING - State Representative Rudy Hobbs (D-Southfield) introduced bills that would establish a gun violence restraining order in Michigan. House Bills 5688 and 5689 are meant to give friends and family an effective tool that could save lives, preventing homicides and suicides by removing firearms from those whom are identified as someone clearly troubled and susceptible of doing harm to themselves or others.

“Given circumstances in California and in Michigan where law enforcement were contacted prior to an act of violence, but were unable to seize the firearms ultimately used, these bills give friends and family an effective tool to make their families and communities safer,” Hobbs said.

When an individual is believed to pose a significant risk of personal injury to themselves or others, Hobbs’ bills would allow a family member or close friend to request a gun violence restraining order. With a judge’s order, a law enforcement officer would be able to seize firearms in the individual’s possession, and that individual would be prevented from purchasing a firearm.

“There is no worse feeling than thinking something could have been done to prevent a homicide or suicide perpetrated by a friend or loved one after the fact. What’s worse is having reported such suspicions to law enforcement, who currently can’t act unless such a crime is committed,” said Hobbs. “Every state should be closely examining all of its gun laws and ensuring they are doing everything possible to keep firearms out of the hands of those who could pose a risk to themselves or others. My bills are a step in that direction.”

The bills would function similarly to Michigan’s current personal protection order process, and is modeled off legislation that has been on the books in Texas, Indiana and Connecticut, and recently introduced in California.

“There is no one better to make a judgment regarding a person’s mental stability or whether they pose a risk to themselves or others than a close friend or family member who sees the individual on a daily basis,” Hobbs said. “It shouldn’t take the loss of life to encourage common-sense gun laws, like keeping guns out of the hands of someone in crisis. We need action before another mass tragedy occurs in Michigan.”

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